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Security guard Company Houston Texas
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Security Guard Company Houston, TX
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Hiring a Security Guard Company Houston TX
USPA International is a private security guard company Houston TX that is a leading provider of security solutions to individuals, companies, organizations and even government agencies. We have been in the business of providing security for our clients for decades, and have grown to a robust team of over 2,700 highly trained and experienced bodyguards who are on call whenever you need them. We offer a wide range of security services that are customized to meet specific client needs.

These include:

Armed guards Houston TX for dignitaries
High profile individuals, VIPs and other public figures require protection because they are faced with numerous security threats in the course of their engagements. USPA International understands the need to keep you safe at all times. We have provided security to countless high profile clients and we know your needs and wants. It is our wish to fulfill every one of them, so you can go about your day to day activities without feeling threatened or afraid.

Secure transport for VIPs
When travelling, you may be at risk of attacks since there are numerous loopholes that may be compromised to get to you. It is far easier to penetrate travel routes than it is to get into a secure house or hotel. At USPA International, our security guards Houston TX work towards ensuring you are safe throughout your travel. We assess potential security threats and come up with strategies such as evacuation routes which may be used in the event of an emergency.

What’s more, we liaise with the fire department of the area you will be travelling to, so that they can provide us with back-up if need be. We also make sure to alert the local rescue personnel so that they can offer their services in the event they are required for an emergency. We also coordinate your departure and arrival so as to reduce unnecessary hassles and delays. In a nutshell, when you travel under our watch, you can relax and let us worry about everything else.

Security solutions for corporate clients
Companies are constantly threatened by numerous security threats, most of which hope to breach security systems with the hope of making away with important information, assets and money. We understand the worries that our corporate clients have and are constantly coming up with new strategies and systems to put their worries at ease. USPA International provides corporate clients with armed guards Houston TX who not only watch over the company’s premises but also install state of the art security systems and recommend ways of improving the existing ones.

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