Security Guard Company Houston, TX
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Security Guard Company Houston, TX
Security Guard Company Houston, TX 

High risk terminations
When a large volume of employees has been laid off, there may be serious repercussions such as violence and revenge attacks which would make the workplace unsafe for the remaining employees and customers. USPA International will provide you with armed guards who will watch your premises and ensure no hooligan behavior takes place. 

Secure transport for valuable assets
We do not only offer secure transportation for dignitaries and VIPs. We extend this service to companies and individuals who may wish to safely transport their assets and cash from one place to another. We have a fleet of armored vehicles which we use to ensure all items on transit reach their destinations safely. Our security guards Houston TX will accompany your items throughout transit to provide the additional layer of protection.

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Security Guard Company Houston, Texas (TX)
Security Guard Company Houston, TX
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